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This Is How To Get More From Your Blazers


Did you notice how blazers are fast becoming an essential outerwear for a premium style? Yes …Blazers are no longer considered to be those boring pieces you throw on when its time to head out to work. 
They are now a modern staple for a stylish wardrobe. From sharp and tailored to softer and feminine cuts, a blazer will elevate any outfit to fool proof chic! So, don’t be quick to push your blazer aside. We guarantee you, after we are done giving you tips on styling your blazer, you would see this wardrobe staple in an entirely new light.

 Fresh & Formal

Yes, we know blazers are the instant thought that comes to mind for work or more formal occasions. However, you can refresh your 9-5 looks by pairing blazers with versatile structures and colours with your work wear. Pair it with pieces like print palazzo pants and that would quickly freshen up a dull look. If you want to achieve a softer look, you could pair a sleeveless blazer with culottes. But if you generally want to be at your game at this, opt for neutral toned blazers and print bottoms or tops. 
The trick here, is to make sure that the colour of the blazer complements or at least is analogous to whatever you decide to pair it with. Another blazer pairing option is with a pleated maxi skirt; this would do justice to your work style. More versatile options like wearing a fitted dress with a blazer instead of the usual matchy-matchy pants or skirts suit also works perfectly. When its cold (or not), you can switch up your button-down shirt for a turtleneck we all know how bossy this option always turn out. Blazer dresses are also a good bonus as they are a mix between a dress and a blazer. This onesie is an easy work option and can even pass as an elegant look. It is a transitional piece you 
should own!

Trim & Casual

Surprisingly, this is where the blazer reigns supreme. Nothing says effortless like a blazer paired with simple outfits. Blazers and denim jeans are forever a match, could be a skirt or trousers, you can never go wrong pairing them.

The oversized blazer trend which falls into this category emphasizes a relaxed and polished look. And as unconventional as this category is, it create the most fab results. Just be open to pairing options as they are literally endless.

For more style options, wear a blazer over a maxi dress or a stripe blazer with a V-neck t-shirt and mules or sneakers. A blazer dress sealed with strappy sandals would also do the trim and casual trick. Another catch to this staple is that, its weather friendly right now and still does a lot by pulling your look together. So this is the best time to ease into it! Layer up ladies!

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