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These Are The Reasons You Should Own A Good Range Of Sneakers


Sneakers are no longer considered a sportsman’s footwear. They are now an inevitable accessory in creating a fresh style as well as a capsule wardrobe. Recent times have shown the evolution of style; from the discomfort attached to outfits to more comfortable style that reflects the personality of the wearer. For this reason, it has become important to own a pair of sneakers for:

Fluidity & Comfort

A pair of sneakers can quickly transition your outfit from formal at day time to casual and fun at night. It can also be incorporated into your formal outfits without taking out or changing the purpose for the outfit. A quick slip into a dress, paired with a sneaker will immediately give a pop to your outfit while keeping you comfy and agile for the whole day.

Arch support

Because every now and then we all need a boost for our heels that isn’t a 6 inch stiletto and one that can go with everything, a pair of sneakers would always do justice in giving that extra support to your feet. Even more, if you had a flat foot. Most brands have done quite an awesome job lately in upgrading the overall look and feel of sneakers. The new look of modern sneakers give us better options for our daily style.


It’s always considered a chic and edgy vibe when you wear a pair of sneakers at all, but even more fun is the fact that there are multiple colour variations to play around with and more outfit options to pair them with. Don’t forget the classic black and white sneakers that can literally hold any outfit together. You also have variations of textures such as leather and suede.

Another extra point you get on owning a pair or two of sneakers, is the investment you make on your wardrobe. You get to save some extra cash as certain sneakers never go out of style or season. They’ve been a dashing classic for both men and women. Brands such as vans and converse have shown us what true classic pieces could do over time to elevate your style for both work and play. They do not wear off for a long time and maintenance is easy!

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                                                  Written by Onyi  Ben-Ukpeli
Source: Vene

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