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How To Achieve A Good Balance Of Ultra-feminine Pieces In Your Everyday Look

When it comes to fashion, there are two types of women; the one who is likes to be super laid and adores all her basic wear and the ultra-feminine lady who likes her details and always makes statements with them. Whichever category you fall into, having just a few ultra-feminine pieces will always be a plus!
Ultra-feminine pieces are just like simple chiffon tops that you wear everyday but has details that makes you stand out. Details like drapes, ruffles, ruching, puffy sleeves and asymmetrical cuts are some options that will bring out the girly in you and leave you looking fab in the process. These details may be minor but they add all the difference to your outfits and we are about to show you how.

Having studied how all these details work, we think that some of them go with some outfits than they do for others. For example, we think ruching, ruffles and flounces go with more elegant wears and others like pleats and cold shoulder tend to look really gorgeous on casual outfits. However, there are others that just go with the flow no matter what. Options like peplum, puffy sleeves, asymmetrical cuts are all-rounders. In all, knowing how to strike a good balance with these details is the only way they can give the results you desire.

In order to create a good balance with your outfits, you have to put what the outfit is for into consideration. So questions like “where am I going to”? and “what kind of vibe do I want to exude with my outfit”? are questions you should ask yourself.

If you are opting for a really simple look or a work look, it is advisable to have one focal point in your outfit just so that you draw the right amount of attention to yourself and your outfit doesn’t overshadow your skills. A nice black jumpsuit with an asymmetrical lapel is a good option.

For other glam events like a 50th birthday party, you could also play it cool with details and opt for more delicate fabrics like lace just so that these details have a more glamorous feel to them.

For casual outfits, you can go all out depending on what your style is and how you like to mix and match. Be playful, be fun and be flirty; casual doesn’t have to be boring as presumed by most people!

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