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Waiting for my hair to dry

How could I not share this picture to my blog!  Sorry for the delay, make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook since sometimes I’ll post a random picture like this one.  I am reading a book waiting for my hair to dry. Source: 691

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Spiraling Braid and Bun

Hi friends,      I saw a hairstyle on Instagram and today I tried to recreate it.  This is a Dutch braid that starts at the bottom, spirals up and around a bun.  I love how this hairstyle turned out!  Thank you so much for coming by to see my …

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Super long 4-strand braid

Hi friends,      How fun to have the super long braid I used to dream about and wish for.  I love a 4-strand braid, it looks thick and even and just different enough to be super interesting.  Thank you for visiting my blog!   Source: 691

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Navy Blue Bow Updo

Hi dear friends,      I love bows, on my dresses and in my hair~ in this case, literally!  Since my dress had a bow on the front, I fixed my hair in a bow hairstyle to match.  Thank you for coming to see my pictures!      This updo …

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French and Dutch combination

Hi friends,      Today I fixed my hair in a style combining a French braid and a Dutch braid.  I loosely looped up the length of my braid to make a short ponytail effect that could be seen peaking out from the front view.  I really like how this …

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