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Hanging Hearts | Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

. Hey guys!  Sorry for it being a bit quiet around here.  Migraines are becoming the “norm” lately, and when they hit, I obviously just have to succumb to dealing with that and neglect things I’d rather be doing!  But have no fear – we’re back with another cute Valentine’s …

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How to Create a Fabulous Faux Hawk

A while back we shared a fabulous faux hawk on Instagram.  We had several requests asking how we did it.  I actually thought we’d already shared a tutorial on this, but looking through all our tutorials, apparently we hadn’t!  In the past we’ve created hairstyles that have incorporated a faux …

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Triple Double Dutch Braids

Today’s Triple Double Dutch Braids hairstyle is inspired by a hairstyle I saw in a movie a couple months back.  The girl wearing it was beautiful and was really into basketball.  She wore a style similar to this and I just loved the 3 braids that ended in 2 braids.  …

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2 Dutch Braids – 5 Different Hairstyles

Happy New Year everyone!  We trust your holidays were wonderful and that you rang in the new year without issue!  Today’s hairstyle is actually 5 hairstyles combined into 1 video.  I wanted to show “Bug” that you can take one common element or technique and create many different styles, branching …

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